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Fascia Rolling Video Class

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You may have used a foam roller to release tightness, have you tried targeting with therapy balls? This may just be your new favourite way to release. This 54 minute recorded class is yours to use in the comfort of your home. You will need 2 lacrosse balls, or purchase a bagged set of therapy balls in my online store. What is fascia & why do I need to roll it? Fascia is the connective tissue between muscles, bones, ligaments, organs & tendons. Think of the silvery ribbons in a roast that is woven throughout the meat. There are several layers of fascia, with rolling manipulating the deep fascia is targeted. Did you know that fascia pain is often mistaken for joint pain. You may have heard or experienced plantar fasciitis -it can be extremely painful in the feet. Think of tying a big knot with the bottom right-hand portion of your shirt. Now, try and move your left arm diagonally up and away from your body. The knot will restrict the range of motion. When you release the knot, your left arm will move more freely. Like tight fascia, the knot created a domino effect throughout the rest of your body. This is known an tensegrity. When fascia is healthy, it is slippery and smooth, and it stretches with you as you move. If it’s not doing well, it can get thicker, stickier, drier, and tighter. Because fascia is so important to your body’s functions, problems with it can cause you a lot of pain. Rolling & stretching fascia can be a useful practice to break up fascial adhesions. Keep your fascia healthy & hydrated with regular movement such as yoga, heat therapy (sauna, hot bath, etc), targeted rolling & massage and acupuncture.

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