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Hi, I'm Tamara

Welcome - I'm a yogi, coffee lover & mom to now adults. 


Yoga became an important part of my life as I was moving through emotional healing.  I was in the process of starting over after divorce, settling into a new home, juggling the responsibilities of running my business, parenting, finding my footing and truly discovering myself.  During this time, I was also supporting people with mental health challenges.  I tried out a local class expecting some stretching and stress release.  What I didn’t expect was to begin a journey of self-discovery.  


My mat became my healing space. It was a familiar friend that supported me as I gained not only strength & flexibility, but so much more as I worked through releasing deeply buried emotion.  I was surprised to discover that emotion held in my body translated to physical symptoms, and once I worked on releasing them, my physical body felt better.

At my worst, I was nearly immobile with chronic inflammation & pain.  My self-work journey will grow  & evolve.  At this point,  I am comfortable in my own skin, regardless of the number on the scale.  I know my body needed to feel safe to be able to feel,  then release.  Looking back now, I was not in touch with my body and what it needed.  Our bodies tell us what they need, if we can listen.  I’m enjoying the journey & the lessons. 


I am a seeker of experiences. I love to try to things, explore new places, sample all the coffees and wear my flip flops while I’m at it.  If there’s a chance that I can be a little goofy & have some laughs along the way, I’m all in!


This is how I like my time on my mat to be.  It’s not all serious, some good laughs make for the best time! I believe in letting your body guide your practice,  feeling what it needs.  It's not how the pose looks, it's how it feels in your body.  And surprise - you don't need to be flexible to do yoga!


When I teach a yoga or meditation class, retreat or reiki session, I get so much more than I give.  It connects me in a way that fuels me.  I love to share this practice, it fills my heart.


So… if you’re here thinking about joining me in some form of yoga, whether it’s your 1st or 1000th class… Let’s be Omies! 


Connect with me and hope to see you on your mat soon.


From my heart to yours,


E-200|500RYT YACEP

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